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Based in Marlow, Motorworx specialise in providing diagnostic checks on German vehicles.

As cars have become increasingly sophisticated and more reliant on electronic systems, mechanics need to be able to communicate with on-board electronics to diagnose and fix faults, hence the need for a sophisticated diagnostic tool. A diagnostic check allows us to identify faults that unless tackled can prove to be costly further down the line or more to the point dangerous to the driver and passengers.

We use dealer-level software, Autologic which gives us the capability to undertake any service and repair work required without involving the dealer.

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Does your vehicle need a diagnostic check?

The Autologic is an after-market diagnostic device that provides in-depth diagnostics. It allows independent garages to diagnose and repair a range of vehicle brands eliminating the need to take the vehicle to the dealer.

This means we can offer you a diagnostic service that mirrors the capabilities of OE equipment.

Autologic diagnostics

If your vehicle's diagnostic check highlights faults in your cars system, you can relax with the knowledge that our specialist trained mechanics can repair any issues whether it's an electrical or mechanical fault.

Need a repair?

We will diagnose the problem and put it right to keep your car running smoothly.


  • Mercedes Xentry

  • Autologic

We offer a range of specialist diagnostic equipment

A range of specialist diagnostic equipment