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Motorworx offer quantum remapping in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Designed to enhance the power and performance of your vehicle whilst maintaining fuel efficiency, remapping is a tool that tunes your vehicles ECU program to run to its full potential. Car manufacturers often limit the performance of a vehicle so that it is adapted to the environment for which it is intended.

Our highly trained team at Motorworx specialise in all makes and models of German cars and offer a tailored service for your car make, model and fuel type.

It's not just about speed - it's about efficiency

Without the need to mechanically alter your vehicle ECU remapping allows us to change the way the way the engine is controlled.

A remap allows us to optimise your vehicles individual software.

Quantum tuning remaps your engines software to:

•    Gain power

•    Improve driveability

•    Improve fuel efficiency

Quantum remapping

Boost your vehicles performance.

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