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Here at Motorworx in Marlow, we are proud that to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including our Dyno Dynamics 4WD Rolling Road facility. Roller road testing allows us to test your vehicle in as close to real conditions so that we can get an accurate view into its performance. With a maximum speed of 2400BHP there’s nothing we can’t power test. Your vehicle will be subjected to three back to back power runs measuring the power at the wheels and flywheel, torque at the wheels and flywheel, the AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) RPM and Boost (if turbo or supercharged).

Rolling road testing

The Dyno is not just used for tuning, it’s also a powerful diagnostic tool. Many faults only raise their head under load or boost which makes static diagnostics very difficult. We can use a large array of diagnostic tools connected to your vehicle whilst we simulate different road conditions without having to leave the safety of the Dyno bay.

A powerful tool

We have a range of sophisticated tools to allow us to carry out an in-depth diagnosis test and performance enhancing remapping to ensure your vehicle operates to its full potential. Motorworx specialises in all makes and models of German cars with a passion for high performance.

A comprehensive vehicle performance test

Have your vehicle’s power accurately measured on our Dyno Dynamics rolling road